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Hi,I am Seka black. Welcome to my world. I will be posting New Gallerys and New Videos often so visit me frequently for the latest posts. For those of you who haven’t been following me I am a White Blonde Cougar on the hunt for Black Men. I can’t seem to get enough of their Hard Black Cocks.

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Seka Auditions New Talent

Seka has a eye for new talent and Dante Soldier is no exception. When he first applied to the Queens Council production company he was spotted by her and flagged for a shoot. He has a Big Black Cock and knows how to use it. He slides his BBC down Seka’s throat and proceeds to fuck her mouth until she gags. Then the real fun begins as they retire to the bedroom for some serious cunt pounding and mouth fucking. This Hung Black Bull fucks Seka in all her favorite positions and spanks her ass as he pumps her cunt hard and fast while Seka is on her knees taking his 10 inch Black Cock Doggy Style. He cums in Seka’s pussy and she licks his Black Cock clean while sucking out the rest of his tasty cream.

Hey Seka, Let’s Play

Seka invites an up and coming talent to play with her. He is a 19 year old Black Bull with lots of stamina and a 10 inch Black Cock so you know our dear Seka will have some fun. After a brief introduction Seka wastes no time and wrapping her mouth around this Black Bulls Hard Cock and begins to suck it slow and easy teasing him until he pushes her head down and his BBC slides into her throat. Once Seka has his Black Cock rock hard they begin to fuck on the couch and in no time our dear Seka is moaning with delight as she is fucked hard by this powerful Bull. Once Seka gets her pussy juice flowing she can’t get enough of his hard Black Cock and they fuck in all her favorite positions. Finally having pounded Seka’s cunt hard he cums in her and she licks his cock to get what is left as she thanks him for a her several monster orgasms.

Hannibal Conquers Seka

Seka interviews a new talent to the porn industry named Hannibal J. After the initial chat about his background the fun starts. Seka starts by sucking his Black Cock and is surprised at the length and girth. She swallows as much as she can and is delighted at how hard he is getting. This young Bull turns the tables on our dear Seka by licking and sucking her pussy until she is begging him to fuck her. After a nice Bull Ride Seka is thrown on her back and pounded by Hannibal’s Hard Black Cock until she has her second of many orgasms. Next he gets behind her and fucks her pussy doggy style. He finally shoots his nut in Seka’s mouth and she not only swallows every drop but sucks his BBC to make sure she has gotten all his Black Seed. Look for this new talent in future videos as he has the kind of body and stamina the industry is hungry for.

Seka’s Night Out

Seka and her Hubby have tickets to the Opera but he gets stuck working late and asks a friend to escort her to the theater. Of course his friend can’t help being overwhelmed by her beauty and comes on to her. Seka is not only attracted to this handsome Black Bull but she is pissed at her Hubby for building a Sex Robot that looks just like her. She decides to enjoy the evening fucking this Black Hunk with the intention of telling her hubby when he gets home to get even with him for the Sex Bot business. William Mills is no stranger to fucking other men’s wives and takes his time teasing Seka until she is begging for his Big Hard Cock. After a Seka blow job William licks and sucks her blonde pussy before sliding his Hard Black Cock into her and pounding her cunt hard and fast. After some reverse cowgirl he flips Seka over and slaps her ass as he takes her doggy style. He finally shoots a huge load in Seka’s pussy and she licks his Black Cock clean while telling him how much she enjoyed the evening.

Seka Tutors A Jock

One of Seka’s college students is in trouble with his grades and comes to her because he needs her to fix his test scores so he can play in the big upcoming game. He tells Seka that when he is in class he is distracted by the way she dresses and that is the reason he is failing. He strikes a deal with Seka. If she can fix his test scores he will give her the fucking she so obviously desires. Seka agrees and this Black Bull take control and starts removing her cloths. He tells Seka to get on her knees and suck his Big Black Cock and she obeys without question. It doesn’t take long for this Jock to realizes Seka is turned on by his domination and once in the bedroom he bends her over and fucks her hard. He enjoys Seka’s pussy in several positions including doggy before shooting his Cum all over her belly. Seka licks and sucks his Black Cock until she gets all the cum he has left in his balls and tells him she will look forward to their next fuck session.

Seka Being Stepmom 

Seka walks in on her Stepson jerking off to a porn site on his computer. Since our dear Seka is always horny she wastes no time in helping her Stepson with his Hard Black Cock problem. First she sucks his BBC until it is super hard then she climes on and rides him like a wild Stallion. Her Stepson soon takes over and licks and sucks Seka’s blonde pussy until she is begging for his hard Black Cock in her wet horny cunt. He bends Seka over and slides his Massive Cock into her pussy doggy style and ram fucks her hard and fast until she has multiple orgasms. Seka finally sucks her Stepsons cock until she gets every drop of his Black Seed in her throat. Seka tells him to let her know if he gets horny again and she will take care of his BBC like a proper Stepmom should.

Jonathon Meets The Real Seka

While shopping Seka is approached by a handsome Black Man who thinks she is a Robot. Once he shows Seka a picture of his Pleasure Bot, the Seka007, in action with he and some of his friends she starts to get the idea. Seka was not aware of her Hubby building a Sex Robot that looked like her. After getting a good look at the Gang Bang clip on his phone Seka asks if he would like to fuck her to see if the Sex Bot is a good as the real thing. Once back at Seka’s place the fun begins as our dear Seka shows this hot Black Bull the difference between a real mouth and pussy and a mechanical ones. Seka makes sure that his 12 inch BBC is well taken care of as she sucks and fucks him until he delivers a huge load of Cum in her mouth.

The New Sex Toy Bot

I have finally bought my own Seka robot that looks as if she came from the 50’s. She has the garter belt and French seam up the back of the stockings. I love the way I can tell her to suck harder and she doesn’t get tired. I fucked her doggie forever and her pussy squeezed my black cock for a long time. I had her take over for a while and she kept riding my cock, she was so tight and wet. Every time I told her to suck my cock, she would look up at me with her sexy eyes, that finally I couldn’t resist and dumped a big load of cum in her mouth. She enjoyed licking my Big Black Cock clean and did it with a big smile.

Lioness Taunts Her Prey

Our dear Seka is at it again, hunting Black Men in the forest. She notices an interesting Black Bull sitting on a bench and decides to tease him. She starts by stretching in front of him showing him her tight ass through her short shorts. Before long she has this Big Black Bull’s Cock in her mouth and sucking him down her throat. Seka invites her new friend back to her place for some serious fucking and sucking and he jumps at the chance to fuck this hot Blonde MILF. Once back at Seka’s place the fun really begins as she sucks his Big Black Cock until he is ready to fuck her. After he spanks her for being such a naughty slut and teasing him, Seka’s pussy is dripping in anticipation of this Black Cock sliding inside her. After a good fucking he drops his nut deep inside Seka’s waiting pussy. Seka tastes his Black Cream and tells him he is delicious. As her new fuck buddy lays back Seka plays with his Black Cock while she tells him he must visit her again real soon.

Potion #9 To The Rescue

Seka is spending some time relaxing in the park when a Black Man skates by her. The second time he passes her she waves but he doesn’t react. Being Seka Black she decides to use her secret weapon. That’s right, she takes a sip of Potion #9 and on his third pass this Black Hunk stops dead in his tracks and circles back to her. Once Seka gets a close up look at his lean muscular body she invites him back to her place to get better aquainted. At Seka’s house our horny little Black Cock Whore wastes no time in stripping her new friend and sucking his Long Thick Cock until he is rock hard. In the bedroom Seka lays back as this Black Bull becomes the aggressor and fucks Seka in all his favorite positions. During a break in the fucking while Seka is licking his Big Black Cock She notices he has pearls under his foreskin. She was wondering why her orgasms were so intense with this beautiful Black Hunk and realizes the pearls were stimulating her cunt in a new and exciting way. After Seka takes a huge load of black cream in her mouth she invites this hard fucking Black Bull to visit her again soon.

Seka Meets The Debt Collector

A Handsome Black Man shows up at Seka’s house to collect some money her Hubby owes him. When he discovers Hubby is not home he tells Seka he can’t leave empty handed, he needs at least the interest on the money. After getting a good look at this Handsome Black Bull Seka agrees to make his visit worth wild. She begins by sucking this hot Black Bull’s Hard Thick Black Cock. When this Dept Collector sees Seka’s blond pussy he goes down and licks it until Seka finally suggests they go to the bedroom. The Dept Collector wastes no time collecting Seka’s wet Blond cunt with his 12 inches of Black Man Cock. Once this Black Cock Loving Whore feels her cunt being stretched by his Huge Black Cock she begs him not to stop. After giving Seka a good hard fucking in every position she likes he shoots a load of Black Seed deep into her waiting cunt. When he gets up to dress Seka tells him he should come back soon to collect more interest because she loves “MORE”.

Seka’s Magic Potion #9

Seka is on vacation but as horny as ever. Her friend has given her a magic Potion #9 that will make her irresistible to Black Men. After drinking the magical mix she orders room service and the Black Bellman, upon seeing Seka, forgets his task and only wants to kiss her. Of course our dear Seka is delighted and invites him in for some fun. Seka wastes no time stripping down and sucking his Big Black Cock. Once they reach the bed room this hungry Bull slides his Big Cock into Seka’s pussy. Several positions later he drops a huge load of cums in her mouth. About that time one of the Bellman’s coworkers shows up looking for him. As soon as the coworker sees Seka he too can’t stop himself and jumps into bed with her and as the Bellman slips out he slips in. After fucking both Black Bulls Seka is satisfied and decides Potion #9 will come in handy the next time she is horny.

Seka Brings Her Cuckold

It’s Seka’s birthday and her Hubby knows what she really likes, so he arranges a Gang Bank for her. When they arrive home from dinner four Black Men are waiting in their living room to use Seka for their pleasure. Seka strips for her Bulls and they begin fucking her mouth as her Hubby watches and strokes his cock. After passing Seka around so all the Black Bulls get to enjoy Seka’s hot wet mouth they take her into the bedroom and the real fun begins. Once Seka has sucked all the Black Cock in the room they throw her on the bed and as they rotate from her mouth to her pussy to her ass. Her hubby gets to help by holding her legs up so these Black Men can get into her pussy nice and deep. Once they start to double fuck our lovely fuck bunny Seka she is riding a nonstop orgasm. In the end Seka’s hubby is treated to a scene of his hot wife taking Cum Shot after Cum Shot in her mouth and pussy which her Hubby dutifully cleans up. Seka thanks Hubby for such a delightful birthday present.

Lioness In The Wild

While Seka is jogging through the forest she catches the attention of another Jogger who promptly reverses direction to catch up to her. Once he has, he is distracted by our dear Seka’s bouncing tits and runs into a tree. He is knocked unconscious and Seka gives him mouth to mouth to revive him. Seka, being the naughty little girl she is, decides to explore this Black Bulls body while he is unconscious. Of course she is caught and gives her new friend a nice blow job on the jogging trail by way of an apology. Once Seka tastes this Black Bull’s Cock and Balls she invites him back to her place for a massage since he hurt his arm when he fell. Back at Seka’s apartment she oils him down with special attention to his Big Black Cock. The oil scene is erotic as Seka slowly explores her new Bull’s Cock, Balls and Ass spreading the oil thick. Once she has oiled him down they Fuck in lots of different positions culminating with a huge cum shot in her mouth.

Family Fun With Seka

Seka’s step son drops in to pick up some money from Dad. Once Seka gets a look at him she decides to seduce him while Dad is at the ATM. Seka starts by licking and sucking his enormous Black Cock. While she has her stepsons BBC in her mouth Dad returns and of course approves as he joins them on the couch. Seka is in heaven as she sucks both Black Cocks until they can’t stand it any longer and they bring her into the bedroom. Once in the bedroom Dad and Son take turns fucking Seka hard. With one in her mouth and the other in her blonde pussy they keep switching trying to decide which they like best. Of course Junior finally settles on Seka’s tight pussy while Dad gags Seka with his 10 inch Black Meat. Junior slips his 10 inches in her pussy balls deep and pound our poor Seka until she screams in delight. Both Father and Son get their nut off in Seka’s mouth and she is delighted to hear her step Son will be a regular visitor going forward.

Seka Teases Her Cuckold

Seka is tired of her hubby trying to please her pussy with his little dick. She calls her Bull Master Max to come over and enjoy her body while she tells Hubby he is going to watch and learn why she loves Black Cock so much. When Max arrives Seka wastes no time in sucking his Big Cock and telling her hubby how good it tastes. She tells him she loves to feel it grow as she sucks her Black Master’s Hard Fuck Stick. Seka can’t wait to go to the bed room so she can feel her Black Master’s Big Cock slide into her wet cunt. Max can’t hold back and bends Seka over and starts to fuck her. After fucking Seka in every position and sharing in teasing Hubby, Max gives Seka a cream pie and she licks his Cum from her fingers while telling Hubby how good it tastes. Seka teases her Hubby by telling him she is going to be serving Max from now on and whatever Max wants her to do she will do because she loves to be used by Strong Black Men for their pleasure. Max tells Hubby that he is going to be using his wife like his personal fuck toy and that like all his toys he shares and planes on sharing Seka with some of his friends. Max promises Hubby his hot wife will be well taken care of by both he and his friends as Seka licks the last of his Cum from his Hard Black Cock and thanks him.

Seka and The Hungry Young Bull

Seka interviews a new talent for her next porn shoot. He tells her he is hungry for her pussy and eats her cunt until Seka begs to be fucked. Before this Black Bull obliges her he oils down her body with special attention to her cunt lips and clit. Seka decides that turnabout is fair play and spends some time oiling his body too, with special attention to his Hard Black Cock. When they finally begin to fuck he pounds Seka’s wet pussy hard as he spanks her upturned ass. After going from her cunt to her mouth and back again several times this young Bull puts our dear Seka in his favorite position and fucks her cunt hard just before he shoots a huge load of cum it her waiting mouth.

Seka’s Master Bull

A Master Bull visits Seka and she is excited to be his Fuck Toy. First he tells her to strip and when she has removed her skirt, blouse, bra and panties he plays with her pussy before he orders her to swallow his Hard Black Cock. After enjoying Seka’s warm wet mouth her new Master takes her into the bedroom and fucks her doggy style until she screams in a mind blowing orgasm. Next he puts Seka in a reverse cowgirl and spanks her upturned ass while she rides his Big Black Cock. He puts a leash on Seka and continues to fuck her as his Fuck Toy in several positions before Cuming in her waiting mouth. Seka tells her new Master she will be waiting for his next visit and thanks him for a sound fucking and spanking.

Seka Cures Horny

Seka walks in on her daughter Savanna using a vibrator to satisfy her horny pussy. She tells Seka she is horny so Seka decides, since she is too, to play with her daughters cunt and tells her daughter her Black Boyfriend is on his way and will fuck them both. When Seka’s Boyfriend Danny arrives he is greeted by two very horny women. Danny jumps right in and they take turns sucking his Black Cock. After a few minutes of mouth fucking them Danny suggests moving the party to the bedroom. In this wild scene Seka and Savanna lick and suck each other while Danny takes turns fucks them both. The Cum shot is especially hot as the two horny women share a snowball delivered by this Big Black Bull.

Seka’s Stepson Shares

My stepson got tutored from a college friend and finds out he loves to fuck MILF so he brings me over to thank him for his help. When I see his friends Big Black Cock I can’t resist. They take turns while the one fucks me the other has his cock in my mouth. Also, I get to ride there hard Black Cocks and they make me cum so hard when they are deep in my tight blonde cunt. They fucked me so hard doggy position nice and deep I loved it. Finally, they both cum in my mouth so hard that I have cum all over my face.

Seka Meets Morning Wood

Seka is a good roommate. She notices Jonathon has not come down stairs for breakfast and will be late for work. When she enters his room to wake him up she is greeted by his Morning Wood. Being Seka Black she can’t resist grabbing Jonathon’s Hard Black Cock and licking it. Of course once awake Jonathon joins in and fucks Seka’s mouth as she swallows most of his hard 12 inchs. They decide to be late for work as they start to fuck. Watching this Huge Black Cock slide in and out of Seka’s wet blonde cunt is the scene dreams are made of. When she gets on her hands and knees Jonathon sinks his Big Black Cock balls deep in Seka’s cunt as She moans with pleasure. The cum shot gets wild as he shoots his huge nut and gives her a cream pie which she eats with her fingers before licking his Black Cock clean.

Seka’s Young BBC Encounter

I get distracted when I see handsome BBC and this time it was when I was parking. Not good!! I dented another car but no one noticed, I thought. I got a knock on my door and guess who was there, a Young BBC from my neighborhood that I have been watching for months. He told me he had proof that I hit his car. While he was talking about me paying, I was thinking “what a perfect opportunity to pay him with a wild MILF fuck”. So, I offered and he went for it. His young cock was so hard when I licked and sucked his balls that I thought he would cum right then. He not only fucked my pussy but my ass as well and nice and deep. Now I know that dents are a rewarding way to make new friends.

Seka Enjoys Her Lunch

I am getting dressed to have lunch with my husband while my handsome Big Black Chauffeur Boyd Banks is waiting. I start thinking how his 12 inch thick cock pleases me and decide to have him for lunch instead. I started to do a striptease in the living room for him and swallow his BBC with help from him pushing the back of my head deep on his cock. After I got him real wet, I slid down on his BBC nice and deep and my pussy dripped down his balls. I do have to say after that appetizing lunch I just wanted to go back to bed.

Seka And Kenzi Play Hard

Kenzi invites some friends over for a fuck party. Big Max brings his favorite “Fuck Toy” Seka to share with everyone, much to their delight. These horny Black Men waste no time stripping these two “Party Favors” and taking turns enjoying deep throated blow jobs. Seka and Kenzi decide to see who can swallow Black Cock deeper and the fun begins. Both Seka and Kenzi are turned on by the taste of Hard Black Cock and by the time the Bulls start to fuck them their cunts are wet and ready. Seka enjoys having a Black Cock in her mouth and cunt at the same time while watching her girl friend Kenzi take Black Cock after Black Cock in her tight wet pussy. When the Bulls are ready to drop their cum loads both Ladies share the cum and spit it onto each other’s mouths like the cum hungry Black Cock Whores they are.

Seka And The Bull

Seka interviews a new Talent and discovers he has quite a nice hard body and Black Cock. This bad boy is all about fucking Seka and can’t wait to sink his BBC in her hot Blonde Pussy. Of course Seka starts out sucking this Black Bulls Cock and Balls even before she is stripped. She spends the next half hour enjoying his Black Cock as he fucks her on the couch not waiting to go into the bedroom. This Bull gives Seka several orgasms before he fills Seka’s wet cunt with a huge load of cum. He then sits back to watch as Seka slides her fingers into her cunt and licks the cum from them. Seka tells him she loves the taste of his nut and wants more, so they decide to make more videos together in the future.

Mr.Tee’s Party

Seka visits one of her favorite Swinger Parties in search of her friend Mr.Tee. Just when Seka is about to give up on finding him she notices several women peeking into one of the back bedrooms. When she opens the door she sees Mr.Tee stroking his massive Black Cock while watching one of Seka’s videos. Seka wastes no time in climbing on the bed to take Mr.Tee’s thick Black Meat in her hunger mouth. Once Mr.Tee can stand it no longer he licks Seka’s cunt and sucks her toes until she is begging him to fuck her. He flips our dear Seka over and gives her his Thick Black Cock doggy style. After fucking Seka to several orgasms in various positions he shoots a huge load into Seka’s waiting cunt. After licking all the cum off his Black Cock Seka fingers her pussy to get the rest and thanks Mr.Tee for filling her pussy with such a tasty treat. 

Seka’s Cams Volume One

Seka has been making Cam appearances for several months now and this is a sample of the fun she has while showing off her Sexy body and performing for the visitors to her Cam Sites.

Driving Miss Seka

I finally got away from a boring awards dinner with my handsome Big Black Chauffeur. I had been thinking how he was going to fuck me long and hard with his thick hard cock all night. My favorite is when he fucks me doggie and he slides in my pussy so deep. I got so wet I had to cum right away. I also love when he lays back on the bed and I lick his balls and try to swallow his thick black cock. Then finally when he comes in my mouth, he comes so hard that he jerks so bad when he cums that I know he has been satisfied and will be back for more as I will be.

The Goddess Aphrodite

In this video I play the Greek Goddess Aphrodite who is losing her power and needs a Black Bull’s sperm to regenerate her sexual appetite. A young Bull asks the Goddess for help controlling his power and they strike a bargain. The Goddess will help him if he gives her his sperm. After a nice slow blow job she take this young Bull into the bed room and he fucks the Goddess in her favorite positions including doggy style. When he finally cums, the Goddess drink it and her sexual power is returned to is legendary level. She once again commands her followers to fuck everyone they can and show them the power of Black Cock. The lesson to be learned is that a Love Goddess always wants more Black Cock even when she is full of cum and will fuck every Black Cock she can find to get more of that creamy desert.

Seka’s Producer Interview

I get to interview “JayPlayHard”. Some of his answers made my blonde pussy so wet that when we were done, we went in the backroom. He did PlayHard with my pussy I loved the 69 position. I sucked his black cock so hard and deep while he licked my pussy and clit. Then he fucked me Hard doggie style, and I loved thrusting my pussy deep on his cock. Then he surprised me with a reverse fuck on top of me that felt so good. My tight blonde pussy kept wanting more. My pussy was dripped white cum all over his balls and cock. I have to keep him in my Diary!!!

Seka’s Ass Master Returns

In this new video release my BBC husband has been away on a long business trip and I am surprising him with a wet blonde pussy and a butt plug in my ass when he walks through the door. He has a thick black cock that I can’t wait to start sucking. After sucking his thick cock, I bend over right in the kitchen and show him my ass that is ready for his thick cock after having the ass plug in for hours. I lead him in the bedroom and he starts licking my pussy with his long tongue and then I beg him to start fucking my ass nice and deep. I start Cuming over and over. Then he has me get doggy and fucks me even harder and deeper. What a great Cuming home welcome!!!!

Seka And Helena Enjoy BBC

Both Helena and I were chatting with my friend Jonathon Jordan aka “The Pussy Bandit” about our experiences in the porn industry when a funny thing happened. Both of us Gals started to get horny, which happens any time we get up close and personal with a Black Man and a 12 inch Cock.  It did not take long for us to start to strip and take turns sucking his Big Beautiful Black Cock. Once his Manhood responded there was no stopping us from playing with it. As he took turns fucking us in the Ass and Pussy we took turns eating each other out. For the next hour or so we enjoyed a good ass and pussy fucking and sucking until The Pussy Bandit gave Helena a big load of Cum, which she promptly shared with me in the form of a “Snow Ball”.  I love the taste of Black Cream and Helena showed what a good friend she was by sharing.

Seka’s Past Catches Up

Seka is approached by one of her stepsons college friends about a video he found on the internet. He tells Seka that if she wants to keep it a secret from her Hubby she must do as he says from now on. Of course he has no way of knowing that Seka has already decided she would like to fuck him, so she pretends to be upset but willing to follow his orders. It does not take long before this Young Black Bull is enjoying Seka’s mouth. After a Slow blow job Seka and this hot Black Bull go to the bedroom where he gives our dear Seka a good hard fucking. When he cums on her ass he turns her around and feeds his hot cum to her waiting mouth. In the end Seka realizes she likes to be owned by this Young Bull and will be looking forward to more of his visits.

Seka And The Pussy Bandit

I invited Jonathan aka Pussybandit ,one of my favorite BBC, to come over and help me workout. My workout didn’t last long, we end up at my place real fast. I found myself on my knees sucking his cock that was already hard. I pull him over to the couch with his cock and start licking his balls and cock again. Then I slide my wet blonde pussy real slow down deep on his cock. My pussy juice starts to drip down all over his cock and ball as I fucked him so hard. Pussybandit’s BBC felt so good that I had to have him fuck me in the ass deep. When he was ready to cum he shot his load in my mouth so I could swallow every last drop of his cum.

The Gift Of Pleasure

One of Seka’s Black Bulls decides to give her to his friend for some awesome sex on his birthday. Henry is surprised by such a generous gift but wastes no time putting his Big black Cock in our dear Seka’s hot wet mouth. Of course Jevon joins in, not being able to resist Seka’s hot lips and tongue. Once these two Black Bull’s Cocks are hard they take turns fucking Seka. Her pussy and mouth are kept busy as the two horny Black Men keep switching from pussy to mouth and back again. Seka is having lots of fun as she cums over and over again while these Bulls provide her pussy constant deep stimulation. The cum shot is awesome as both Bulls shoot their cum in Seka’s waiting mouth. Being the Black Cock Whore she is Seka makes sure she cleans their Black Cocks and gets every drop of their sweet white seed.


I got a call from my Big Black Master and he told me to put on my black and red corset with stockings and garter. Then go in the living room on my knees and he will be right over. When he arrives, he lets me know that he has invited his friends to fuck me anyway they want to. While I was sucking cock, I got fucked in the ass and pussy over and over. My pussy and ass were so wet by the end of the night and finally finish by having me swallow their cum.

Seka’s Vegas Trip

I went on a vacation in Las Vegas so you know what that means. I was out to find one thing, or two! This time I found one Black guy that was ready to fuck my blonde pussy, ass and month all night. He did such a great job starting with my mouth. I started licking his balls real wet and then swallowed his cock till he was so hard I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to slide my tight blonde pussy down on him while he was sitting on my couch. My pussy was so wet I was dripping all over his balls. Then I did reverse cowgirl and I came so quickly. I couldn’t wait to get on my hands and knees and lick all my sweet cum off his cock. His cock was so hard that he slid deep in my ass next and I came so hard again. Finally, I wanted him to cum in my mouth so he sat on the couch while I sucked his balls and cock real deep in my throat. He was so wet that he came. What a great first night in Las Vegas!!!


I walk into my stepson room to discover that he is jerking his Big Black Dick while watching porn on his laptop. I have always imagined Junior had a Big Black Dick like his father and I was right. He has never dated so I found a perfect time to teach him a few things and Junior was ready and willing. First, I had to show him how it would feel to get his balls and cock sucked. His cock got so hard and wet when I swallowed him nice and deep in my throat. My pussy got so wet just feeling him grow in my mouth that I got on my hands and knees right away and told him to sink his Black hard dick deep in my cunt. Then I got on top of Junior and fucked him so hard that his eyes rolled back in his head. I had to turn around so he could see my Big Round ass fuck his cock real slow and tease him. Then he had a few other positions that I discovered he learned watching porn that made me cum quickly. Finally, I had to taste my sweet pussy juice on his dick and told him to cum in my mouth. We both decided that we will have more future lessons.

Seka’s Workout Buddy

Seka’s regular work out trainer is on vacation so she calls Chris Cardio to train her in a new workout technique involving some unusual exercises. When they return to Seka’s apartment and begin to discuss the workout Seka notices that Chris has a stiff Cock and of course She can’t resist a Hard Black Cock. It doesn’t take long before Seka has Chris’s Black Cock in her mouth tasting his pre cum. Since turnabout is fair play Chris licks and sucks out dear Seka’s cunt until she begs him to fuck her. They try out all the favorite positions until Chris is ready to cum and puts Seka on her hands and knees for a good hard doggy style pounding. When he cums Seka licks and sucks his Big Black Cock dry.

Seka’s XXX Rated Interview

A magazine writer approaches Seka with a proposal to interview her for his X rated tabloid. Seka agrees and invites him back to her hotel room. Once the interview begins Seka realizes this Black Hunk is turning her on. It doesn’t take long for her to grab his Big Black Cock and start to rub it through his pants. Seka can feel his BBC getting hard and goes to her knees and suck his hard Tool until he is about to explode. Seka takes him to the bed for some good fucking and this Black Bull does not hesitate to fuck Seka slow and long in several positions including her favorite, doggy style. He fills Seka’s pussy with a big load of Black Seed and she is so grateful that she licks his cock clean as the cum drips out of her pussy and on to the sheets.

Seka’s Daughter Meets BBC

I had to get my beautiful daughter Helena, away from her school work and enjoy life! I first had shown her how to dress in sexy stockings, bra and panties. Then I told her that I have a surprise for her. I had asked one of my favorite Black Men to come over and play with both of us. When he walked in she was shy at first but that changed real quick when I pulled out his Big Black Cock and started sucking him right in front of her. She couldn’t wait to start sucking and licking too. We licked his Black cock together and took turns swallowing and getting him real wet. Then Helena wanted more so we went into the bedroom. He slid his big black cock slowly into Helen’s wet pussy and she loved it. My pussy got so wet watching I couldn’t resist playing with my pussy. We took turns for a while getting fucked by his big black cock, our pussies were so wet. Finally, we wanted him in our ass. He was so hard, that when he slid into Helena’s ass her pussy started to drip. She was telling me how much she loved his big black cock. We took turns getting fucked hard, and getting our pussies sucked at the same time. In the end we both have fun licking up all his nice warm cum together.

Seka’s Hussel

Seka is practicing her pool game when a handsome Black Man stops by to watch. Our dear Seka wastes no time in changeling him to a game of eight ball. Of course she suggests a little wager to make it interesting. The deal is that whoever wins gets to take the looser home for some fun. Seka knows no matter how it goes she will be the ultimate winner. After the game is over Seka brings this Black Hunk back to her place and begins oiling down his body before she sucks his Big Black Cock and balls. Once he has had Seka’s hot mouth swallowing his BBC he can’t wait to sink it into her tight Blonde pussy. He fucks Seka in all his favorite positions to Seka’s delight. After filling her pussy with a big load of Black Seed he feeds it to her by fingering her pussy and delivering his juice to her waiting mouth.

The Pussy Fairy

Brandon is bored with the same old porn channels and videos. He decides to turn in early since he can’t find anything to jerk off too. While asleep the Pussy Fairy pays him a visit and tells him she wants to suck his Big Black Cock and feel it in her magical Pussy. She begins by licking his balls and cock until he is super hard. Than this Wild Fairy climes on board for some fun. The Pussy Fairy takes advantage of this horny Black Man as she enjoys several of her favorite positions. When Brandon cums the Pussy Fairy doesn’t waste a drop and thanks him for the good fuck he has provided.

Seka And The TV Guy

The TV in Seka’s room is not working so she calls for some help from the maintenance department. When the technician arrives he shows Seka how to operate the remote while she eyes up this hunk and decides to operate his remote. Seka tells him she would like to reward him for his fine work. Once our dear Seka has this Hung Black Bulls Cock in her mouth it is full steam ahead to the bed for some serious fucking. The cream pie he leaves in Seka’s blonde pussy gushes out as she cleans his BBC with her tongue. Seka decides that fucking beats watching TV every time and decides to look for other things that don’t work around the room so she can receive more “Maintenance”.

Seka Scores A Neighbor

One of Seka’s puppies escapes and is returned by her neighbor. She finds out that he knows who the dog belonged to because every Black Man in her building knows the “Hot Blonde” who lives on the top floor and the dogs she walks daily. In the spirit of “Neighborly Love” she invites him in for coffee. Of course his muscular body is a turn on for Seka and she decides he should be rewarded with more than just a cup of coffee. After a slow Blow Job he licks Seka’s blonde pussy until she can’t stand it any longer and they enjoy a hard fuck right in the living room. Seka promises to call him the next time one of her puppies goes missing.

The Alien Collector

An Alien from a distant planet arrives on earth with one purpose, to collect male sperm to revitalize her dying planet. She appears in a Black Bulls living room just as he is about to enjoy some internet porn, which she planted on the net as a trap. Once our unsuspecting Black Hunk clicks on “Enter” she appears and stuns him. After establishing his virility and size she takes him to the bed room for sperm extraction. This is no ordinary Black Man though, he is a student of Zen and overcomes the effects of the stun to take control of the situation. He fucks the Alien Collector and provides her with a huge load of Black Cream to take back to her home planet for which she is grateful and promises to return for more.

A Good Luck Surprise

Seka loves football so when the big game is coming up and her Hubby’s team is in it she decides to give its quarterback a good luck surprise the night before. Of course she has been following him closely because he is Big, Black, and has a huge Cock. This is the kind of surprise she hopes will be enjoyable for both of them as she seduces this athlete by goes to her knees to suck his BBC. This Black Bull is not shy as he takes Seka into the bedroom and gives her a hard long fucking. He only stops so Seka can give him a slow wet Rim Job before he resumes fucking her. Seka is finally rewarded with a mouth full of hot Black Cum which she swallows and licks the remainder from his still Hard Cock.


Nurse Seka’s Distraction

Seka has been told to administer a shot to a rather well build Black Bull. The recipient is afraid of needles and tells Seka he is not thrilled at the prospect of an injection. Seka, After pulling back the sheet and getting a look at him, decides to distract him buy flashing him. Once she does this Black Hunk gets aroused and Seka being Seka she takes the opportunity to apply her own brand of “therapy”. She starts by sucking his huge Black Cock until it hard enough to cut diamonds. Than the fun really starts when she rides this wild Bull. When he puts Seka into the doggy position, one of Seka’s favorites, he not only pounds her wet pussy but spanks her as well. The cream pie he gives Seka is enormous and can be seen dripping from her pussy. Does he ever get his shot? Well you will have to tune in to see.

Seka’s Cuckold Part 2

Seka has a boyfriend that likes to tease her Hubby while he fucks Her. He calls Jim Black and tells him to bring his hot wife over because he is horny. When they arrive he orders Hubby to strip Seka and show him her body. After a long slow Blow Job This Dominant Bull takes Seka and her hubby Jim to the bedroom and tells hubby to eat his wife’s pussy to get her ready for his Big Black Cock. Hubby complies and is told to watch as this hung Bull fucks his wife hard, stopping occasionally to make hubby suck his wife’s well fucked cunt while he fucks Seka’s mouth. Once the Bull cums hubby is ordered to suck all the cum from his wife’s pussy. Hubby thanks him for giving Seka a good long fuck and a huge cream pie.

Seka Plays With A Friend

Seka meets a friend in Vegas whom she has made several videos with and they decide to make a sequel to their original. In the original video Seka oils down this hung Bull and gives him a hot Rim Job before fucking he fucks her brains out. In this sequel they decide to take it to the next level and the ensuing scenes are intense including cock sucking, a rim job and deep penetration. Our dear Seka can’t get enough of this Black Bulls 11 inch Cock. They are on the edge of losing control as the fucking becomes an exercise in stamina to see how many times Seka can cum in one scene. These two hard bodies fucking is worth seeing as it sets the tone for their future endeavors together which, as you might suspect will be at least as intense.

The Blackmail Surprise

Seka spends the night with a Handsome Black Man, who works for her Hubby’s company, who she has had her eye on for several weeks. Attending a convention has presented the perfect opportunity to arrange some play time as she pulls some strings and they end up sharing the same room (See “The Right Room”). In the morning this Handsome Black Stud attempts to blackmail our dear Seka into having more sex with him on a regular basis. Seka reacts with agreeing to his terms while secretly loving this turn of events. Blackmailing Seka for Sex is like trying to put out a fire with gasoline. These two hot bodies enjoy a good hard fuck session which is only the beginning in a series of smoking hot encounters as you will see in future videos.

Friends Cum Together

Seka and her best friend Amanda have a great day on vacation by the pool. Now they are relaxing in their hotel room and decide they want to dress sexy in their stocking which makes them so horny. They decide to move over to the bed where they can have some real fun. Amanda loves to lick and tease Seka’s big pussy lips and clit. Seka’s loves playing with Amanda’s Big tits. Amanda starts to finger Seka’s pussy and makes her cum so hard which turns her on so much that she has Amanda lay back and sucks her pussy so hard that she cums. They love kissing each other and nibbling on each other’s tits. Finally after they both get off a couple of times and they lay back to sleep.

The Ultimate Birthday Present

Frank finds himself alone on his birthday and is upset. His friends have set up a surprise for him though. They have told Seka of his situation and she has a sure fire method to make sure it is a birthday to remember. She shows up at Frank’s door and provides this Black Bull her pussy and mouth to be used for his pleasure. Seka starts by teasing him and sucking his Big Black Cock. The action moves quickly to the bedroom from here and Frank takes Seka for a hard fuck ride in a few of his favorite positions. When he is ready to cum Seka greedily sucks his Black Cock dry and licks up any spills. Frank tells Seka he has never been fucked so good and thanks her for being such a great birthday present.

Seka’s New “DRIVER”

Seka’s hubby has hired a new driver for his limo and our dear Seka wastes no time getting to know him. She tells the driver he must walk her into her apartment because she fears intruders. Of course it is a ruse to get the new driver alone. Once they are, horny Seka starts to flirt with him and before long she has his Big Black Cock in her mouth sucking him until he is rock hard. She takes him to the bedroom where again she sucks his BBC just before he slides it into her tight wet pussy. After fucking dear Seka in several positions this Black Bull shoots a big load down her throat and Seka licks all the hot Cum she missed from his Cock and Balls and says a silent prayer that he will be around for a while since she wants to have “MORE PLEASE”. They promise to remain discreet so he is not fired like the last limo driver who Seka fucked.

The Bot Bang

A pleasure Robot, which resembles Seka Black, has been produced by Seka’s Hubby’s manufacturing company. It was fashioned after our own dear Seka and seems to have all her sexuality and sex drive. A Seka Bot is sent to Jonathan Jordan aka “Pussy Bandit” for a test run. After trying the new Bot out himself he decides to bring in some friends to put the new Pleasure Bot through a full test in “Multiple Partners” mode. After playing “Spin The Bot” they take the Robot into the bed room for some good old down home fucking. The Seka Bot takes a licking but keeps on ticking as she out fucks all three Black Bulls and still asks for more even after an “Air Tight” session.

The Right Room

While attending a manufacturing convention for her husband’s company Seka and one of his sales reps mistakenly end up in the same room. It is not a coincidence that the salesman is a handsome Black Man. Once they realize the mistake in room booking Seka makes the most of the error by sucking and fucking this Black Bull most of the night. During one of the hot scenes Seka tells the Bull she arranged the room “error” so she could get to know him better, and she does.

The Stepson Proposition

Seka’s Stepson arrives home early from Collage to confront her regarding a video he found on the internet. Once she sees the clip she reluctantly agrees to being his fuck toy when his Dad is not home. When she sees the size of his Black Cock she realizes this might be a good deal after all. What starts out as a blackmail scheme becomes an excuse for Seka to fuck and suck her young Stepson’s Big Black Cock. Of course this is only the beginning since this horny Youth has other ideas about his new Sex Toy, like inviting some friends over for fuck parties. Watch for more chapters in this ongoing series of Stepson videos as Seka is Gang Banged by lots of young Black Cocks.


Seka’s Woops

Seka is caught talking to a Black Bull on the phone and “Woops” is all she can say when one of her BBC boyfriends surprises her with a visit. After eating Seka’s pussy this Black Bull pulls out his massive cock and Seka worships it as only a Black Cock Worshipping Whore can. She spends a lot of time enjoying this Bulls equipment before he fucks her long and hard. The doggy style position is Seka’s favorite and this Bull slam fucks her pussy hard sending Seka into a wild orgasm. The second Blow Job is even more sensual as Seka teases him before he shoots a huge load down her throat. The Blow Job scenes are some of the hottest you will find as Seka gets down on it.

A Secret Shared

Seka is invited to her neighbor Christina’s house for coffee. While chatting with her Seka’s suspicion that her neighbor has a Black lover is confirmed. Christina shares her secret that she is addicted to Big Black Cock. Seka is skeptical until Christina produces a phone number provided to her by her shrink to call for a Gang Bang any time she becomes too horny. Once Seka hears this she tells her neighbor she is also a Black Cock addict and they call for a group of Black Men to visit so they can both enjoy a Gang Fucking. When the Black Men arrive they are excited to have both Women to play with and waste no time stripping. The fucking is hard and heavy in all holes as the Black Bulls pass the women around and enjoy them for hours.

Seka’s Naughty Stepson

Seka’s stepson returns from college early and surprises her. He has found several pictures of her on the internet fucking some Black Men. When he confronts Seka and threatens to tell his Dad she begs him not to. Of course that is not the plan. The plan is to Blackmail his hot Blonde Stepmom and use her for his own pleasure. Once Seka realizes she is caught she decides to go along with her Stepson’s demands. He orders Seka to strip and get on her knees. He slides his Hard Black Cock into Seka’s mouth and begins to fuck her throat causing Seka to gag on his long Black cock. He is enjoying having this hot Blonde as his sex slave and moves to the bedroom where he fucks Seka and gives her a mouth full of Cum. The video end with her Stepson telling her she will be entertaining him and his friends when ever his Dad leaves town or his Dad will get to see her in action.

Seka Dreaming

Seka returns home from a long day of shopping and has a glass of wine. Once she relaxes she falls asleep and her mind wanders to her favorite subject, Fucking. In her dream she is sucking a Big Black Cock and once she has this BBC hard she opens her legs wide so the Black Bull can enjoy her wet pussy. After a hard fuck in several positions our dear Seka wakes up as she dreams she is Cumming. This leaves her horny as hell. She reaches for a Glass Dildo she just bought and inserts it into her cunt. As she works the glass toy in and out of her pussy she starts to cum and loves the feeling of it being so deep in her.

The Seka Robot Arrives

Seka’s Hubby has been a busy fellow. His factory has produced the first in a series of Pleasure Robots that are fashioned after his wife Seka. A unit is sent to a famous Black porn star by the name of Pussy Bandit. With his experience fucking white women he is the perfect choise to test the new Pleasure Bot. After getting familiar with the directions he activates the Bot and begins his evaluation. In the first mode, Boy/Girl me turns on the passive sub routine. After a nice blow job he goes to the second sub routine, Flirty. The Seka Bot starts to touch him and teases him. He finally moves to the Aggressive mode and the Bot takes over and starts to fuck our Beta tester with a promise not to stop all night. At that point and after a hard hot fuck session he realizes she is still wanting to go so he shuts her down and makes his report. The factory will be pleased. After a break he turns the Bot back on and as she jumps his bones the movie ends.

Seka Loves Domination

Seka has been a Naughty Girl and Big Max is the cure for Naughty. He knows Seka and her wild side and does not use spanking to punish her but her own desires. First he makes sure Seka is on the verge of Cumming by eating her pussy. Then he teases her while he reminds her she is a Naughty Bitch and does not deserve his BBC. Not until Seka begs to suck his Big Black Cock does Big Max allow her to lick his Black Cock and Balls. This drives Seka wild and she begs her Black Master to fuck her cunt and ass. Of course Big Max ignores her pleas and continues to choke her with his Black Cock while reminding Seka what she is, A Black Cock Whore. Max finally decides to fuck his Bitch and when he does Seka has one orgasm after another. The video ends with Big Max fucking Seka in her tight ass while she begs her Black Bull Master to go deep.

Seka’s Bachelor Party

Seka decides to help a Black Man who has had the stripper he hired for a Bachelor Party cancel on him. Seka has never been to a Bachelor Party and is excited about entertaining some Black Bulls. When she arrives no time is wasted in stripping her and as soon as she is on her knees the Black Cocks surround her as she sucks them all until they are hard and ready for her Wet Cunt. They arrange Seka facing the end of the bed so she can suck Black Cock while they take turns fucking her. After everyone has fucked Seka twice they lay her back and they all cum in her mouth at the same time. Seka is so turned on as she swallows load after load of their Black Cream.

Seduction Seka Style

Seka is horny as usual so she decides to dress in a skimpy outfit and seduce her Boyfriend. She finds him waiting for the basket ball game to start. Once Seka begins to tease him by sucking his Big Black Cock his interest in anything but Seka’s mouth and pussy disapear. All he can think about now is how he is going to fuck her Slow and Hard. Once they head to the bedroom it is a full out fuck session as he gives our dear Seka a hard ride on his huge stiff Black Cock. After enjoying Seka’s Hot Wet Mouth and Cunt he gives her a mouth full of his Black Seed which she swallows. She sucks out the remaining Black Cream from his cock like a greedy Whore.

Seka Makes New Friends

Mr. Tee introduces Seka To some of his friends. They have heard a lot about Seka from Mr. Tee and can’t wait to get her out of her cloths and onto the bed. Seka slows things down a bit by getting on her knees and sucking all their Big Black Cocks. When the Black Bulls can stand it no longer they throw her on the bed and use her like a fuck doll taking turns with her Mouth and Cunt. Seka loves the attention as they fill her Hot Cunt and Wet Mouth with their Black Seed. One of the Bulls slips back and fucks Seka’s Wet Cunt a second time and fills it with his Black Cream. Later Seka tells Mr. Tee she likes his friends and does he have any more BBC he would like her to meet?

Hubby’s Secret

Seka’s Hubby has been working in secret to product, the worlds hottest “Pleasure Giving Robot”. He uses Seka as the perfect model for His secret project since she is not only beautiful but a sexual dynamo. When the prototype “Pleasure Bot” is misplaced an all out effort to locate it is undertaken.  One of the Technicians located the Bot and takes the opportunity to try it out. He activates the “Pleasure Bot” against the search protocol and he is immediately seduces by her beauty and charm. He fucks this Pleasure Droid over and over again enjoying its pussy and ass until he shoots his load in a ball emptying Scene. 

Seka’s Private Conversation

Seka attends an Exotic convention and is recognized by some of her fans. One fan in particular Seka finds irresistible and she invites him to her suite for a night cap and a private chat. Once inside Seka tells this hunk he has a smoking hot body and wants to fuck him all night. Seka gives him a blow job and swallows his Big Black Cock as he tries not to cum. They fuck for a while and this Black Bull can’t contain himself any longer and shoots a big load of Black Cream down Seka’s hunger throat.

Seka’s Afternoon Delight

Seka spends the afternoon getting to know Rita Daniels. At first they decide to play dress up with Seka as Snow White and Rita as Malficent. It does not take long for these two horny Cougars to explore each others body. What follows is a sex play session complete with Dildos, Vibrators and good old pussy licking. These two Porn Queens show why they are so popular. This is a genuine Cum Fest no faking it with these Gals.

Seka’s First Contact with Mr.Tee

Seka meets Mr. Tee at local swingers party and she is impressed with the bulge in his pants. The first chance she gets Seka invites him up stairs to an empty room. Once inside he relaxes as our dear Seka sucks his cock until it is so big she has trouble getting her mouth around it. Seka wants to feel that Big Black Cock in her pussy and ass. This Master Black Bull obliges our Seka and fucks her long and hard in both holes much to her delight. In the final scene Mr. Tee fucks Seka’s ass in a reverse move that is one of his signature moves.

Seka Loves To Swing

One of Seka’s Dominant Bulls Stops by for a visit and some of Her Tight Blonde Pussy. Seka shows him her new toy, A swing which she has not used yet. After Seka Worships His Big Black Cock her Master Bull puts her in the swing for some down home country style swing fucking. Seka loves the way he slams her against his Hard Black Cock over and over again as She experiences multiple Orgasms. From the swing he does Seka doggy style of the bed and, after one of Seka’s special Blow Jobs, he shoots a load of Black Seed down her hungry throat.

More Please

Don Prince, an old friend of Seka’s, drops in to say hello before her video shoot. She tells Don she is horny, and while she loves the way Don fucks Her, She wants “MORE PLEASE”. Don, being the consummate Professional he is, calls in some of his friends and they give Seka what she loves most “MORE”. She starts the party off by sucking three cocks while Richard Mann enjoys her pussy. Once they all get hard Seka is rendered “Air Tight” several times, much to her delight. As a finale Seka takes 4 heavy loads in her mouth and thanks Don and His friends for a wonderful and wild fuck.

Seka Meets Seazoned Beef

Seka’s Hubby has been working in secret to product, the worlds hottest “Pleasure Giving Robot”. He uses Seka as the perfect model for His secret project since she is not only beautiful but a sexual dynamo. When the prototype “Pleasure Bot” is misplaced an all out effort to locate it is undertaken.  One of the Technicians located the Bot and takes the opportunity to try it out. He activates the “Pleasure Bot” against the search protocol and he is immediately seduces by her beauty and charm. He fucks this Pleasure Droid over and over again enjoying its pussy and ass until he shoots his load in a ball emptying Scene. 

Richard plays With Seka The Queen Of Spades

Seka is surprised when her friend Richard Mann pops in to say hello. She is sucking his Big Black Cock in no time and after he fucks her in all of their Favorite positions. The Rim Job and Ball Licking Seka gives him as he strokes his massive cock is the highlight of this smoking hot video. Richard Shoots a massive load into Seka’s mouth and she gets every drop like a good little Black Cock Whore should.

Seka Meets Neil Stroker

Neil Stroker interviews Seka for his web site. Once the discussion turns to Seka’s sexual preferences the dialogue becomes hot and soon Seka is showing Neil her pussy. Of course once that happens it is a short trip to the play room and a smoking hot fuck session. Seka enjoys Neil’s Big Black Cock as he fucks her hard and long. The interview concludes with a huge cum shot as Seka struggles to swallow it all.

Seka Meets The Mad Hatter

Seka’s Hubby hires a Dominant Black Bull to train Seka to be a good Black Cock Whore. Once he gets started Seka enjoys exploring her submissive side and gives this Bull her full cooperation. This Black Bull has a trick or two up his sleeve though, like his use of whipped cream to train Seka to lick certain areas of his body to provide him pleasure. Once they start to fuck Seka enjoys his Big Black Cock as it slides in and out of her wet blonde pussy.

Seka Meets Mr.Smith

Seka finally succeeds in recruiting Mr. Smith for a video shoot. He is the very definition of a Black Bull. He is BIG, Strong, and has a large thick Black Cock that can Fuck a Black Cock Whore like Seka all night. Seka is turned on by his power as he sinks his Big Black Cock deep in her wet Blonde pussy and proceeds to fuck her long and hard. He gives our dear Seka a long slow fucking not once but twice and she is delighted since she manages to have so many organisms she loses count.

Seka And Her Bull Master

Seka is Excited because her Bull Master has promised to fuck her long and hard. He starts to tease her but in no time his Big Black Cock is in her mouth. She has not seen Master Trice in some time so she is horny at the thought of this Bull Master using her as his personal Fuck Toy. His hands are big and rough so when he spanks Dear Seka she receives a real sharp sting which makes her cum even harder. This Master Bull knows how to treat a Black Cock Whore and Seka loves to serve Him.

Seka And The Chauffeur

Seka has been watching her Hubbies Chauffeur for a while and when she finally gets him alone she goes after him in true Cougar style. Once she breaks down his megar resistance, she gets to play with his Big Black Cock. Of course Seka loses herself in the moment and this Black Bull is treated to Seka Black in one of her hornier moods. The action is hot and non-stop as the Chauffeur takes full advantage of the moment and enjoys our dear Seka in several positions before shooting a big load of cum in her mouth.  

Seka And Mr. Tee

Seka decides to treat Mr. Tee to a show like the ones she used to do for the Strip Club Black Bulls. The only difference is she can SUCK and FUCK this bull as soon as her cloths are off instead of waiting to get to a private booth. Our dear Seka knows Mr. Tee will give her the hard fuck she is craving when she gets his BBC all hard and swollen by dancing for him. Seka will do anything for some of that Hard Black Cock and she does.

Seka Gets Caught

Seka has been playing while one of her steady Bulls was at Work. When he arrives to take her to dinner he takes one look at her and knows she has been fucking around. That grin on Seka’s face tells the whole story. Maxx has no choise but to spank dear Seka’s ass. Of course she makes it up to him by fucking and sucking his Big Black Cock until he shoots a big load in her pussy.

The Test

Seka’s hubby Joe Black has called on one of his development Techs to run some tests on a prototype of the Pleasure Bot they are developing. If you look closely you will notice the uncanny resemblance to our dear Seka. This was no accident but done by design. Joe Black knows his wife attracts men like a magnet and what better face and body to replicate as a pleasure toy since his wife is a live one. Of course he is keeping it a secret from Seka for obvious reasons. I wounder how long before Seka catches on to Joe’s secret.

Seka’s House Sale

Seka has decided to sell her house and knows the right sales technique to use. When a prospective buyer arrives she works her magic and convinces him to buy before they even reach the second floor. actually they close the deal on the stairway. In this video our dear Seka SUCKS, RIMS, and FUCKS her way to an early sale. The RIM JOB is wild as Seka explores her clients body both front and back.

The Measurement

Seka is surprised when an engineer from Hubby’s Factory shows up to “Measure” her body. She wonders why Hubby would want this type of information. About half way through the procedure Seka gets horny and takes the tech guy to the bed room for some hot hard sex. After sucking his cock and fucking him she has not gotten any answers. While enjoying the encounter She is flush with curiosity and decides to do some snooping, but that is another adventure.

The Mandingo Bull Oils Seka Down

Flex the Mandingo Bull returns Seka’s favor by oiling her down just before he slides his huge Black Cock into Seka’s mouth while he tit fucks her. Once Seka has given this hung Black Bull a proper Rim job he begins to fuck her pussy in several different positions. Of course this Bull is anxious to ass fuck Seka and when he slowly inserts his massive Black Cock into her ass Seka almost passes out from the pleasure. He pounds Seka’s ass until she has several orgasms and he shoots his load.

Seka’s Seduction Of Her Trainer

Seka brings her trainer home so he can try on a costume for a show she wants him to do. When the trainer emerges from the closet Seka is waiting for him in her under ware. Once the shock of seeing dear Seka in her panties and bra is over he takes her lead and they fuck for hours with his hard body against her.

Seka’s Big Hard Surprise

Seka attends an Opera with one of her Hubby’s friends since he is stuck at the office. After the show the friend brings Seka back to his place for a night cap. This experienced Bull has arranged a surprise for dear Seka he knows she will like. When She realizes what he has surprised her with, she is delighted and the fun begins. Both Black Bulls provide Seka with a HARD time as they fuck her in all her favorite ways including some deep ANAL play which she loves. On her way home Seka realizes she is glad Hubby had to work late.  

DFWknight’s Second Helping

DFWknight aka William Mills drops by to enjoy a second helping of Seka. His foreplay surprises and delights Her. This Black Bull seduces our dear Seka and she cannot get enough of his wandering tongue and hands. After a slow motion blowjob they reach the bedroom and it is an all out lust driven encounter, with our Seka licking this passionate Bulls cock balls and ass before he slips his Big Black Cock into Seka’s pussy and ass as she descends into total lustful bliss. Of course after the cream pie is delivered into Seka’s pussy he proceeds to feed it to Her. 

Mr.Tee The Ass Master 

Mr. Tee is Seka’s Go To Black Bull when she is horny. After Seka worships his hard Black Cock, balls and ass Mr. Tee brings her to the bed where he licks her body, tits to toes, before he fucks her pussy. When he puts Seka into doggy position she knows her ass is about to be full of his Big Black Cock. Seka Knows how Mr. Tee loves to fuck her tight ass but this time he gives horny Seka a reverse ass fuck and she goes into permanent orgasm. When he is about to cum he slips his Black Cock into her ass while she rides him Cowgirl style. Mr.Tee shoots a big load of cum in Seka’s ass as Seka orgasms for the tenth time.

Seka’s Secret Toy

Our dear Seka has a secret. She keeps a fuck date every Thursday night with a favorite Black Bull. She is especially horny tonight and can’t wait to feel his Big Black Cock slide into her pussy. Of course he works for her Hubby so she has got to be especially careful since she has already gotten two of his employees fired because she seduced them.

The Trainer

While visiting her friend Rita Seka sees her trainer and decides Rita should meet him. After a brief introduction the fun begins with the girls attacking this Hung Bull for some hot fucking. Once the action gets started Seka discovers she likes the way Rita’s pussy tastes and realizes she wants more. They all play together and the Trainer delivers a nut they both share.

Seka And The Bash Brothas

Seka gets her dates mixed up and Two of her favorite 12 inch cocked Bulls show up to play. She tries to hide one in a closet but to no avail. To Seka’s surprise they know each other so Seka decides that two 12 inch Black Cocks are better than one. She grabs the Bash Brothas and sucks their cocks. When she can’t stand it any longer she strips and the Bulls take turns fucking her while dear Seka gives them both Rim Jobs. When they DP her Seka has a mind blowing orgasm. Finally the Bash Brothas take turns getting a nut in Seka’s mouth which she wastes no time swallowing.

Seka Meets A Black Panther

Seka meets a Black Panther and realizes she has never fucked a wild animal so she strips for him than they fuck long and hard. During the encounter Seka and the Panther both cum several times. In the end the Panther shoots a big load in Seka’s mouth.

Naughty Seka

Seka has been naughty AGAIN and her Hubby has arranged a fitting punishment for her. Danny Blaq is assigned to punishment detail and must follow his bosses instructions. As it turns out Seka and Danny hit it off and have a fun “punishment” session complete with lots of fucking and sucking.

Seka Meets Bull Royalty 

Seka is invited to a Gang Bang by Bull Royalty and she is excited. Running with these Bulls means a lot. Our dear Seka will have the attention of some of the biggest names in interracial porn. When they make Seka “AIR TIGHT” she is thrilled to have all that Big Black Cock in her at once.

Seka Discovers The New Stock Boy

Seka wanders into the stock room after hours and sees a new stock boy. Cougar that she is she decides his fate in a heart beat. Seka traps this unsuspecting Bull and charms him back to her private room. She sucks his Big Black Cock and than the fun really begins. This Bull turns the tables on our dear Seka and fucks her long and hard in her pussy and ass.

Seka And The Construction Foreman

Seka needs some work done on a home she is selling. While the construction Foreman estimates the job our own lovely Seka is estimating him. It does not take long before she makes the Foreman a counter offer to get the work done. Of course who can resist Seka when she makes that kind of offer, you know, “the kind of offer you can’t refuse“. They fuck long and hard and the job gets done on Seka’s terms.

Mr. Tee Makes Seka Smile

Seka Loves to play with Mr. Tee. He has the kind of Big Thick Hard Black Cock Seka can’t get enough of. His tongue is why she rates him number one when it comes to eating her pussy and rimming her asshole. When they start to fuck her pussy and ass with long slow strokes he drives Seka wild. He finally shoots his Hot Black seed in her ass and they both collapse  from exhaustion.

Seka’s Cuckold Hubby

Seka’s Hubby flies her to New York where He has arranged a surprise for her. Seka and Joe have been married for many years and they have been swinging for most of it. She likes to fuck Black Men and Joe likes to watch. Joe also has a taste for Black Bull cum and likes to clean Seka’s pussy after a hot fuck sessions. Joe will be arranging more fuck parties for his hot Wife very soon.

Seka Likes A Surprise

Seka is horny and tells her Black Bull. He surprises her when he tells her he invited a friend over to watch the game, but he assures Seka his pal Johnathon would love to help with her problem. Seka answers the door and she is delighted to see a tall thin Black Man. When he unzips his fly and shows her his 12 inch Black cock she is thrilled.

Seka Oils Up Flex The Mandingo Bull

Seka meets Flex for a sensual massage and gets a BIG surprise when she opens his robe. She wastes no time in oiling this Mandingo Bull down. While Seka is oiling him down she can’t resist licking his cock, balls, and ass. Flex the Bull takes over and fucks Seka in all her favorite positions. The highlight of this video is Seka oiling his 12 inch cock just before she does his balls and Rims ass. This Video is in 2 parts due to it’s Long running time.

The Truck Driver Delivers

Seka’s Car battery is dead so she asks one of the truck drivers at the Factory for help. The car engine is not the only thing that gets started. Seka brings him in for a reward for being such a BIG help. She starts by teasing him but before long she is tasting his Big Black Cock. It only get hotter from there.

Seka Meets 6 Of The BBC Titans

Seka Gets to meet 6 of the BBC Titan group and the action starts with anal and only gets better. Seka is rendered AIR Tight Several times during this video and the Titans rotate around her pussy, ass and mouth until they all cum. Seka is disappointed when they tap out but is satisfied with the magnificent fuck these Bulls have provided.  

Seka Black Meets William Mills

Seka bumps unto William Mills and invites him to view her latest shoot. Well, once William sees the video he knows he has to have her right there right now. They begin in the living room but soon retire to the bed room where they enjoy a wild fuck. Seka is rewarded with a cream pie from one of porn’s legends.

Seka Meets Edge The Masseuse

Seka plans a massage after work with the famous “Edge The Masseuse” that her friends told her about. He starts with her back but she  cannot resist sucking his thick black cock. Edge decides to play with her nice round ass and puts 2 butt plugs in. He then fucks Seka in her wet blonde pussy with his thick black cock while the but plugs click together in a wild session of raw sex. When Edge cums Seka swallows every drop and thanks him for a mind blowing experience and books with him for weekly visits. 

Seka Plays With Her Master Bull

Seka’s Master Bull fucks her hard and spanks her when she does not obey fast enough. Seka likes to explore her submissive side with this Bull Master. Seka loves a good spanking while she is being fucked hard.

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