New Video Added : 08/14/19 " The Measurement"

New Video Added : 08/23/19 "Seka Gets Caught"

New Video Added To All Levels : 08/25/19 "Seka On A New Cam Site"

New Video Added : 08/30/19 "Seka And The Chauffeur"

New Video Added : 09/06/19 "The Test"

New Video Added : 09/13/19 "Seka And Mr.Tee" 

New Video Name Added : 09/20/19 "Seka Meets The Mad Hatter"

New Video Added : 09/27/19 "Seka and Her Bull Master"

New Video Added : 10/04/19 "Seka Meets Mr.Smith"

New Video Added : 10/11/19 "Seka Meets Seazoned Beef"


Hi,I am Seka black. Welcome to my world. I will be posting New Gallerys and New Videos often so visit me frequently for the latest posts. For those of you who haven’t been following me I am a White Blonde Cougar on the hunt for Black Men. I can’t seem to get enough of their Hard Black Cocks. 

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Seka’s Full Length Videos

Seka Meets Seazoned Beef

Seka's trainer Flex brings one of his friends over to meet Seka. Of course Seka sizes up the situation and makes the decision to fuck both of these hot Black Bulls. Once she starts to suck their Black Cocks Seka gets so horny she can't wait to get to the bed so she can enjoy their hard Bull cocks. The Bulls waist no time in fucking dear Seka long and hard taking turns with her pussy and mouth until the final cum shot, which loads her pussy with Black seed. Seka licks this Bulls Cock clean and is delighted in the taste of his Black Bulls Cum.

Seka Meets The Mad Hatter

Seka's Hubby hires a Dominant Black Bull to train Seka to be a good Black Cock Whore. Once he gets started Seka enjoys exploring her submissive side and gives this Bull her full cooperation. This Black Bull has a trick or two up his sleeve though, like his use of whipped cream to train Seka to lick certain areas of his body to provide him pleasure. Once they start to fuck Seka enjoys his Big Black Cock as it slides in and out of her wet blonde pussy.

Seka Meets Mr.Smith

Seka finally succeeds in recruiting Mr. Smith for a video shoot. He is the very definition of a Black Bull. He is BIG, Strong, and has a large thick Black Cock that can Fuck a Black Cock Whore like Seka all night. Seka is turned on by his power as he sinks his Big Black Cock deep in her wet Blonde pussy and proceeds to fuck her long and hard. He gives our dear Seka a long slow fucking not once but twice and she is delighted since she manages to have so many organisms she loses count.

Seka And Her Bull Master

Seka is Excited because her Bull Master has promised to fuck her long and hard. He starts to tease her but in no time his Big Black Cock is in her mouth. She has not seen Master Trice in some time so she is horny at the thought of this Bull Master using her as his personal Fuck Toy. His hands are big and rough so when he spanks Dear Seka she receives a real sharp sting which makes her cum even harder. This Master Bull knows how to treat a Black Cock Whore and Seka loves to serve Him.

Seka And The Chauffeur

Seka has been watching her Hubbies Chauffeur for a while and when she finally gets him alone she goes after him in true Cougar style. Once she breaks down his megar resistance, she gets to play with his Big Black Cock. Of course Seka loses herself in the moment and this Black Bull is treated to Seka Black in one of her hornier moods. The action is hot and non-stop as the Chauffeur takes full advantage of the moment and enjoys our dear Seka in several positions before shooting a big load of cum in her mouth.  

Seka And Mr. Tee

Seka decides to treat Mr. Tee to a show like the ones she used to do for the Strip Club Black Bulls. The only difference is she can SUCK and FUCK this bull as soon as her cloths are off instead of waiting to get to a private booth. Our dear Seka knows Mr. Tee will give her the hard fuck she is craving when she gets his BBC all hard and swollen by dancing for him. Seka will do anything for some of that Hard Black Cock and she does.

The Test

Seka's hubby Joe Black has called on one of his development Techs to run some tests on a prototype of the Pleasure Bot they are developing. If you look closely you will notice the uncanny resemblance to our dear Seka. This was no accident but done by design. Joe Black knows his wife attracts men like a magnet and what better face and body to replicate as a pleasure toy since his wife is a live one. Of course he is keeping it a secret from Seka for obvious reasons. I wounder how long before Seka catches on to Joe's secret.  

Seka Gets Caught

Seka has been playing while one of her steady Bulls was at Work. When he arrives to take her to dinner he takes one look at her and knows she has been fucking around. That grin on Seka's face tells the whole story. Maxx has no choise but to spank dear Seka's ass. Of course she makes it up to him by fucking and sucking his Big Black Cock until he shoots a big load in her pussy.

Seka On A New Cam Site

I just joined a Cam Site that will allow me to interact with my Friends. I love performing for them and the best part is we can play together. I really get horny watching my friends play along with me. The site is free and if you make me a favorite you will be notified when i am on line. My pussy gets wet just thinking of the possibilities. 

Seka's Flash Drive Promotion

Seka and her producers have put together a Promotional Video which contains some of her favorite clips and a brief interview so her fans can get to know more of Seka Black's history and the kind of video she likes to make. 

Seka's House Sale

Seka has decided to sell her house and knows the right sales technique to use. When a prospective buyer arrives she works her magic and convinces him to buy before they even reach the second floor. actually they close the deal on the stairway. In this video our dear Seka SUCKS, RIMS, and FUCKS her way to an early sale. The RIM JOB is wild as Seka explores her clients body both front and back.

The Measurement

Seka is surprised when an engineer from Hubby's Factory shows up to "Measure" her body. She wonders why Hubby would want this type of information. About half way through the procedure Seka gets horny and takes the tech guy to the bed room for some hot hard sex. After sucking his cock and fucking him she has not gotten any answers. While enjoying the encounter She is flush with curiosity and decides to do some snooping, but that is another adventure.

The Mandingo Bull Oils Seka Down

Flex the Mandingo Bull returns Seka's favor by oiling her down just before he slides his huge Black Cock into Seka's mouth while he tit fucks her. Once Seka has given this hung Black Bull a proper Rim job he begins to fuck her pussy in several different positions. Of course this Bull is anxious to ass fuck Seka and when he slowly inserts his massive Black Cock into her ass Seka almost passes out from the pleasure. He pounds Seka's ass until she has several orgasms and he shoots his load.

Seka's Seduction Of Her Trainer

Seka brings her trainer home so he can try on a costume for a show she wants him to do. When the trainer emerges from the closet Seka is waiting for him in her under ware. Once the shock of seeing dear Seka in her panties and bra is over he takes her lead and they fuck for hours with his hard body against her.  

Seka's Big Hard Surprise

Seka attends an Opera with one of her Hubby's friends since he is stuck at the office. After the show the friend brings Seka back to his place for a night cap. This experienced Bull has arranged a surprise for dear Seka he knows she will like. When She realizes what he has surprised her with, she is delighted and the fun begins. Both Black Bulls provide Seka with a HARD time as they fuck her in all her favorite ways including some deep ANAL play which she loves. On her way home Seka realizes she is glad Hubby had to work late.  

Seka's Wet Dream

Seka falls asleep while surfing the net for Black Bulls for an upcoming shoot. Her dream begins with a Black Bull offering her his Hard Black Cock. Seka jumps at the chance to fuck such a hung Black Man and starts to swallow his cock. When she can't stand it any longer she asks the Bull to fuck her with his Long Hard Tool. He pounds our dear Seka in several positions before shooting a huge load in the mouth which she also swallows. Seka wakes up as she is sucking this Black Bull's cock dry. Once awake she wastes no time in fingering her wet blonde pussy to climax once again.

DFWknight's Second Helping

DFWknight aka William Mills drops by to enjoy a second helping of Seka. His foreplay surprises and delights Her. This Black Bull seduces our dear Seka and she cannot get enough of his wandering tongue and hands. After a slow motion blowjob they reach the bedroom and it is an all out lust driven encounter, with our Seka licking this passionate Bulls cock balls and ass before he slips his Big Black Cock into Seka's pussy and ass as she descends into total lustful bliss. Of course after the cream pie is delivered into Seka's pussy he proceeds to feed it to Her. 

Mr.Tee The Ass Master 

Mr. Tee is Seka's Go To Black Bull when she is horny. After Seka worships his hard Black Cock, balls and ass Mr. Tee brings her to the bed where he licks her body, tits to toes, before he fucks her pussy. When he puts Seka into doggy position she knows her ass is about to be full of his Big Black Cock. Seka Knows how Mr. Tee loves to fuck her tight ass but this time he gives horny Seka a reverse ass fuck and she goes into permanent orgasm. When he is about to cum he slips his Black Cock into her ass while she rides him Cowgirl style. Mr.Tee shoots a big load of cum in Seka's ass as Seka orgasms for the tenth time.

Seka's Secret Toy

Our dear Seka has a secret. She keeps a fuck date every Thursday night with a favorite Black Bull. She is especially horny tonight and can't wait to feel his Big Black Cock slide into her pussy. Of course he works for her Hubby so she has got to be especially careful since she has already gotten two of his employees fired because she seduced them.

The Trainer

While visiting her friend Rita Seka sees her trainer and decides Rita should meet him. After a brief introduction the fun begins with the girls attacking this Hung Bull for some hot fucking. Once the action gets started Seka discovers she likes the way Rita's pussy tastes and realizes she wants more. They all play together and the Trainer delivers a nut they both share.

Seka And The Bash Brothas

Seka gets her dates mixed up and Two of her favorite 12 inch cocked Bulls show up to play. She tries to hide one in a closet but to no avail. To Seka's surprise they know each other so Seka decides that two 12 inch Black Cocks are better than one. She grabs the Bash Brothas and sucks their cocks. When she can't stand it any longer she strips and the Bulls take turns fucking her while dear Seka gives them both Rim Jobs. When they DP her Seka has a mind blowing orgasm. Finally the Bash Brothas take turns getting a nut in Seka's mouth which she wastes no time swallowing.

Seka Meets A Black Panther

Seka meets a Black Panther and realizes she has never fucked a wild animal so she strips for him than they fuck long and hard. During the encounter Seka and the Panther both cum several times. In the end the Panther shoots a big load in Seka's mouth.

Naughty Seka

Seka has been naughty AGAIN and her Hubby has arranged a fitting punishment for her. Danny Blaq is assigned to punishment detail and must follow his bosses instructions. As it turns out Seka and Danny hit it off and have a fun "punishment" session complete with lots of fucking and sucking.

Seka Meets Bull Royalty 

Seka is invited to a Gang Bang by Bull Royalty and she is excited. Running with these Bulls means a lot. Our dear Seka will have the attention of some of the biggest names in interracial porn. When they make Seka "AIR TIGHT" she is thrilled to have all that Big Black Cock in her at once.

Seka's MILF Fuck Machine

When Seka is really horny she turns to her Bull Fuck Machine to satisfy her deepest desire. She was doing a Shoot for a local production company and when she met him and after realizing he never slowed down even after cumming Seka knew she wanted lots more of this Hung Black Stud and they exchanged numbers.

Seka Discovers The New Stock Boy

Seka wanders into the stock room after hours and sees a new stock boy. Cougar that she is she decides his fate in a heart beat. Seka traps this unsuspecting Bull and charms him back to her private room. She sucks his Big Black Cock and than the fun really begins. This Bull turns the tables on our dear Seka and fucks her long and hard in her pussy and ass.

Seka And The Construction Foreman

Seka needs some work done on a home she is selling. While the construction Foreman estimates the job our own lovely Seka is estimating him. It does not take long before she makes the Foreman a counter offer to get the work done. Of course who can resist Seka when she makes that kind of offer, you know, "the kind of offer you can't refuse". They fuck long and hard and the job gets done on Seka's terms.

Mr. Tee Makes Seka Smile

Seka Loves to play with Mr. Tee. He has the kind of Big Thick Hard Black Cock Seka can’t get enough of. His tongue is why she rates him number one when it comes to eating her pussy and rimming her asshole. When they start to fuck her pussy and ass with long slow strokes he drives Seka wild. He finally shoots his Hot Black seed in her ass and they both collapse  from exhaustion.

Seka's Cuckold Hubby

Seka's Hubby flies her to New York where He has arranged a surprise for her. Seka and Joe have been married for many years and they have been swinging for most of it. She likes to fuck Black Men and Joe likes to watch. Joe also has a taste for Black Bull cum and likes to clean Seka's pussy after a hot fuck sessions. Joe will be arranging more fuck parties for his hot Wife very soon.    

Seka Likes A Surprise

Seka is horny and tells her Black Bull. He surprises her when he tells her he invited a friend over to watch the game, but he assures Seka his pal Johnathon would love to help with her problem. Seka answers the door and she is delighted to see a tall thin Black Man. When he unzips his fly and shows her his 12 inch Black cock she is thrilled.

Seka Oils Up Flex The Mandingo Bull

Seka meets Flex for a sensual massage and gets a BIG surprise when she opens his robe. She wastes no time in oiling this Mandingo Bull down. While Seka is oiling him down she can't resist licking his cock, balls, and ass. Flex the Bull takes over and fucks Seka in all her favorite positions. The highlight of this video is Seka oiling his 12 inch cock just before she does his balls and Rims ass. This Video is in 2 parts due to it's Long running time.

Seka Plays With A Shy Bull

Seka likes to break in new talent and she has had her eye on this Bull for some time. She can't resist his dreads and Big Black Cock. Once she starts to suck his Big Black Cock he rises to the occasion and gives our Seka a nice hard steady fuck. After some good humping in several positions this new talent gives Seka a gushing Cream Pie. 

The Truck Driver Delivers

Seka's Car battery is dead so she asks one of the truck drivers at the Factory for help. The car engine is not the only thing that gets started. Seka brings him in for a reward for being such a BIG help. She starts by teasing him but before long she is tasting his Big Black Cock. It only get hotter from there.

Seka's Vacation Turns Into A Mini Gang Bang

While on vacation Seka meets Three Black Bulls by the pool. After a Black Cock tasting session and an ass fucking these Bulls decide to take Seka inside or some serious sex. It does not take them long to render our dear Seka "AIR TIGHT". When these Bulls get started Seka is in "Bull Heaven". She finally taps them out but not before they each take a turn in her Ass, Pussy, and Mouth. 

Seka Black Meets William Mills

Seka bumps unto William Mills and invites him to view her latest shoot. Well, once William sees the video he knows he has to have her right there right now. They begin in the living room but soon retire to the bed room where they enjoy a wild fuck. Seka is rewarded with a cream pie from one of porn’s legends.

Seka Meets 6 Of The BBC Titans

Seka Gets to meet 6 of the BBC Titan group and the action starts with anal and only gets better. Seka is rendered AIR Tight Several times during this video and the Titans rotate around her pussy, ass and mouth until they all cum. Seka is disappointed when they tap out but is satisfied with the magnificent fuck these Bulls have provided.  

Seka Meets Edge The Masseuse

Seka plans a massage after work with the famous "Edge The Masseuse" that her friends told her about. He starts with her back but she  cannot resist sucking his thick black cock. Edge decides to play with her nice round ass and puts 2 butt plugs in. He then fucks Seka in her wet blonde pussy with his thick black cock while the but plugs click together in a wild session of raw sex. When Edge cums Seka swallows every drop and thanks him for a mind blowing experience and books with him for weekly visits. 

Seka Gives Danny O More Than Head

I love shooting with Danny, This video is a great demonstration of what a THICK COCK will do for a girl. His Style is so smooth that I forgot the camera was there. When I licked his ass he really got harder then ever. 

Seka Plays With Her Master Bull

Seka’s Master Bull fucks her hard and spanks her when she does not obey fast enough. Seka likes to explore
her submissive side with this Bull Master. Seka loves a good spanking while she is being fucked hard.

Seka’s Solo Video

Seka Dreams Of A Toe Massage

Seka wakes up horny from a wild dream. In the dream a Black Bull is sucking and massaging her toes as he fucked her. She begins by oiling her toes which really sends her off. She becomes so aroused that she has to play with herself. The Dildo helps Seka cum hard while she rubs her toes together.

Seka And The Toy DP

Seka likes to put on sexy outfits and tease her Fans with some Dildo play. Seka loves to play with her ass so she lubes her butt plug up and slips it into her horny round ass. She uses a Dildo in her pussy, of course being Seka Black the Dildo is thick, long, and Black. She likes the way it fits her pussy while her ass plug is in place. The sensation in both her ass and pussy produces a mind blowing orgasm. The DP made her night.

Little Red Riding Ho

Seka takes a short cut through the woods and runs into the Big Bad Black Wolf. He teases her but stops short of fucking. She is so horny that she wastes no time in stripping and playing.

The Gift Box

Seka gets so excited when a Fan sends her a gift. She wastes no time in getting to the studio so we can video her opening it. Seka likes to share her excitement with her Fans and can't wait to see what is in the box.

Seka's Ass Rides The Black Dildo Express

Seka is having a horny night and has a craving for something long, hard and black. Of course that is not a big surprise but what she does next is. Seka Black makes a 12 inch dildo disappear. Wow, when did she become a magician?

Seka And The Blowup Dildo

Seka returns from a party where she was the center of attraction. The bulls lined up to fuck her and satisfy her blonde pussy. After taping them out she was still horny and as soon as she arrived at her room she just had to play with her inflatable dildo because she can fill up her ass with a few pumps. 

Horny Day At The Office

Seka arrives home from the factory and is horny. She has been watching the Black Men on the loading dock sweating as they load the trucks. Seka loves Florida in the summer. The Black Bulls bodies glisten in the sunlight with that film of sweat covering their rippling mussels.

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