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Seka's Night Out

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Seka and her Hubby have tickets to the Opera but he gets stuck working late and asks a friend to escort her to the theater. Of course his friend can&#39;t help being overwhelmed by her beauty and comes on to her. Seka is not only attracted to this handsome Black Bull but she is pissed at her Hubby for building a Sex Robot that looks just like her. She decides to enjoy the evening fucking this Black Hunk with the intention of telling her hubby when he gets home to get even with him for the Sex Bot business. William Mills is no stranger to fucking other men&#39;s wives and takes his time teasing Seka until she is begging for his Big Hard Cock. After a Seka blow job William licks and sucks her blonde pussy before sliding his Hard Black Cock into her and pounding her cunt hard and fast. After some reverse cowgirl he flips Seka over and slaps her ass as he takes her doggy style. He finally shoots a huge load in Seka&#39;s pussy and she licks his Black Cock clean while telling him how much she enjoyed the evening.&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;<br />

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