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Seka Forgets Something

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Seka's date waits patiently for her to finish dressing and when she emerges from the bedroom in garter belt and stockings without her skirt, which she forgot was in the laundry, their plans are quickly changed as her Black Bull decides he would rather stay in and fuck her then go out to dinner. Seka does not need much convincing as she takes his Big Black Cock in her mouth and begins to suck the tip before swallowing as much as she can and gagging. This Black Bull knows how to make Seka crazy by sucking her clip until she begs him to take her to the bedroom for a proper fucking. After enjoying Seka's tight, wet, blonde pussy he turns her over and slides his Thick Black Cock in our dear Seka's Ass and pumps her hard and fast while she tells him how good it feels to have his BBC in her Ass. He uses Seka like his own personal Black Cock Whore and when he is ready to cum he flips her over and drives his Throbbing Black Cock into her waiting cunt filling it with a huge load of Black Seed. Being the good Black Cock Slut that she is Seka licks and sucks his Cock and Balls until she gets what is left of his Black Seed in her mouth.

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