Title :

The Seka Robot Arrives

Description :

Seka's Hubby has been a busy fellow. His factory has produced the first in a series of Pleasure Robots that are fashioned after his wife Seka. A unit is sent to a famous Black porn star by the name of Pussy Bandit. With his experience fucking white women he is the perfect choise to test the new Pleasure Bot. After getting familiar with the directions he activates the Bot and begins his evaluation. In the first mode, Boy/Girl me turns on the passive sub routine. After a nice blow job he goes to the second sub routine, Flirty. The Seka Bot starts to touch him and teases him. He finally moves to the Aggressive mode and the Bot takes over and starts to fuck our Beta tester with a promise not to stop all night. At that point and after a hard hot fuck session he realizes she is still wanting to go so he shuts her down and makes his report. The factory will be pleased. After a break he turns the Bot back on and as she jumps his bones the movie ends.

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