Title :

The Dept Collector Returns

Description :

Seka's Hubby is in dept to some tough guys and when they show up to collect Seka tells them she doesn't have their money. She offers to pay some interest on the delinquent dept by fucking them the way she did before. The Boss is upset but agrees after some coaxing. Seka goes to her knees and starts to suck their Big Black Cocks and realizes she is really enjoying being their fuck toy. Once they go to the bedroom the action gets intense as these Black Men start to fuck Seka doggy style taking turns fucking Seka's mouth and cunt at the same time. When they switch positions and continue to fuck her Seka has one orgasm after another. After using Seka's mouth and cunt in several different positions both of these Black Bulls cum, one on her tummy and the other in her mouth. After licking their Black Cocks clean Seka decides she is never going to pay off Hubby's dept as long as she can enjoy the hot sex with the collectors.

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