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Seka's Step-Daughter Meets BBC

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I had to get my beautiful daughter Helena, away from her school work and enjoy life! I first had shown her how to dress in sexy stockings, bra and panties. Then I told her that I have a surprise for her. I had asked one of my favorite Black Men to come over and play with both of us. When he walked in she was shy at first but that changed real quick when I pulled out his Big Black Cock and started sucking him right in front of her. She couldn’t wait to start sucking and licking too. We licked his Black cock together and took turns swallowing and getting him real wet. Then Helena wanted more so we went into the bedroom. He slid his big black cock slowly into Helen’s wet pussy and she loved it. My pussy got so wet watching I couldn’t resist playing with my pussy. We took turns for a while getting fucked by his big black cock, our pussies were so wet. Finally, we wanted him in our ass. He was so hard, that when he slid into Helena’s ass her pussy started to drip. She was telling me how much she loved his big black cock. We took turns getting fucked hard, and getting our pussies sucked at the same time. In the end we both have fun licking up all his nice warm cum together.

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