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Seka And Helena Enjoy BBC

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Both Helena and I were chatting with my friend Jonathon Jordan aka "The Pussy Bandit" about our experiences in the porn industry when a funny thing happened. Both of us Gals started to get horny, which happens any time we get up close and personal with a Black Man and a 12 inch Cock. It did not take long for us to start to strip and take turns sucking his Big Beautiful Black Cock. Once his Manhood responded there was no stopping us from playing with it. As he took turns fucking us in the Ass and Pussy we took turns eating each other out. For the next hour or so we enjoyed a good ass and pussy fucking and sucking until The Pussy Bandit gave Helena a big load of Cum, which she promptly shared with me in the form of a "Snow Ball". I love the taste of Black Cream and Helena showed what a good friend she was by sharing.

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